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Do you feel alone right now? Like you are not being heard? 

You don’t have to be yell to be heard nor do you have to shut yourself down and suffer in silence. I’m Yukti Rao and I help women hear their own inner voice, discern and speak their truth from a balanced place in their hearts. 

Lets understand what you need to alleviate your burdens and create a space to be heard and seen in all your relationships. It may be at home with your kids and spouse or at work with your colleagues and bosses or with your friends. You don’t have to suppress your need to fulfill everyone else’s needs. Your voice matters as much as anyone else’s and finding it will set you free to express yourself clearly. This freedom will result in intimate friendships and authentic relationships where you can listen and be heard. In a short time of working together, you will lighten your burden and find more ease and fun in your life as you learn to express yourself openly. Book your free ‘ Discern your Truth’ call today,




What my clients say about me

Love letters from my lovely tribe.

I have had a hard time trusting anyone lately but with you I feel like I can trust you and truly share what is going on with me. I feel safe to share anything without being judged. You have helped me stand up for myself, be more authentic and understand that I bring value. I have learnt to create boundaries with my extended family and with my employees at work and create some steadiness in my life.


Coaching Client

You have helped me by pointing out the pieces in my life that could use attention, such as self care and learning to ask for what I want and receive! Based on the relationship we have built over the last couple of years, I feel comfortable with opening up to you about the darker parts of me. You are a wonderful listener and give useful advice and Your strength is that you are a giver but know when to say no. You set boundaries for yourself and hold the line for those boundaries. And I am learning that from you.

You are a true friend and an authentic and conscious woman, which is rare these days. You are invested in doing the work necessary to evolve and are not afraid of facing the scary stuff head on.


Coaching Client

You’ve helped me learn that it’s a healthy process to “not know” what’s next. To honor my spirit even if my mind is scared/fearful. You’ve helped me appreciate anger & sadness as much as joy and elation. I see your strengths as humor, confidence, relentlessness, tenacity, peace, calm. You are a leader. You are a force for good. 🙏


Coaching Client

Find Your Voice,Speak Your Truth!

I help women find their voice and speak their truth and advocate for themselves and for those they deeply care about. Feminine advocacy is all about truly connecting with your inner voice and live your life from that compass. Women often learn to either supress their needs and voice or speak more forcefully to be heard or both at different times in their lives. I teach women to connect with their feminine essence of fierce and warm love balanced with their masculine energy to create boundaries, speak their truth and have more wondrous authentic relationships in their lives.

Ready to stop feeling like your voice doesn’t matter?

You know it’s not true. Let me help you take this weight off your shoulders and figure out how to find the right balance in your life so you don’t have to give up what you want most.

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