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I'm a coach for freedom-loving women who want to live their lives authentically and have fun, intimate relationships.

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About Yukti

If you knew me in 2006, you might have thought I had it all; a great career in software marketing, two amazing kids, a loving & kind husband, and a beautiful home in Southern California.

But something was missing. My work was no longer fulfilling, I struggled to balance working from home and being present with my kids. I was always angry and had a hair-trigger temper at home and then would feel guilty and miserable for losing it on the people I loved the most.  Then one night I had a complete breakdown in front of my husband, crying and sobbing and telling him something had to change. I told him I felt like I was bound in chains.

My journey took me on several twists and turns and many teachers and angels came into my path to help. Even as I learnt so much, there was part of me that struggled with really hearing my truth because of the deep conditioning I had grown up with that it was selfish to follow my heart, As I let that go, I opened to my truth, saw myself more clearly, and accepted myself not as an image of my parents’, kids’, or husband’s expectations but as ME. I learnt to discern my heart’s truth, found my voice and the courage to speak my truth, This completely transformed how I showed up in my life and how I related to everyone around me, giving me an inner confidence and faith to navigate my own life on my own terms, freeing me to live authentically and have fun doing so.

I have this burning need to give this to every woman on this planet who is struggling like I was, constantly, always doubting yourself.. I want to help you  hear and love yourself, transform your life to one of your choosing which is filled with loving and fun relationships.


Find Your Voice,Speak Your Truth!

I help women feel real relief, real fast. Are you ready to find your voice, build true friendships? Feel heard by learning to speak up clearly about what you need, while allowing those close to you the space to do the same. Allow yourself to speak your truth without constant fear of getting it wrong  and have compassion for yourself and others when you do make a mistake. Empower yourself and others around you  to make their own choices freely. Know how to create and hold boundaries calmly and clearly. Sign up for Feminine Advocacy group coaching and get real help now!

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