Join us in Feminine Advocacy Container with Yukti Rao

Speak Your Truth to Create Truly Intimate and Authentic Relationships

  • Transform your relationship with yourself
  • Create peace, safety and ease within you
  • Deepen your friendships
  • See intimate relationships blossom with love and joy
  • Create fun in your life
  • Live powerfully confident in your truth
  • Speak up and advocate for yourself ad your family
  • Hear and recognize the advocacy in others 

Feminine Advocacy : A 6-month Energetic Container of deep personal growth and tranformation

Is this You?

You have known for a while that something is missing and no matter how hard you try, you feel like you don’t belong. There is a part of you that honors the “different” you and. part that just wants to “fit in”. You don’t speak your truth or say anything at times because what if you say or do the wrong thing. On the outside you seem confident but there is a part of that wonders what it would be like to feel safe enough to speak up. You settle for friendships and relationships being okay because you think thats just how it is when all you truly want is deep and intimate connections with your partner and friends. You want to make powerful choices in your life rather than always thinking I have no choice or this is how it is meant to be. 

   I was in your shoes just a few years ago. I had started on my conscious parenting journey and while I could give more love and grace to my kids, I struggled to do the same for myself. I struggled with creating boundaries with my kids, found myself over-giving and resenting everyone including my friends and husband. I ended up often feeling angry, frustrated and depressed. In my own self growth journey and life, I had somehow forgotten about myself. This was a pattern I had played out at work as well. As I untied those knots, one thing became very clear, paying attention to my needs, speaking up what I believed was true was critical for my own peace and to thrive instead of just surviving.  It was deeply uncomfortable and it seemed so much easier to just stay the same but as I started advocating for myself, it became clear that those people who loved me, felt like they could understand me better and connect with me truly. They too now had permission to speak their truth and really share their needs. Our home went to being a place where we honored each others needs and found ways to collaborate, the energy shifted. As I stepped more into my feminine energy, my husband and I became closer than ever, giving each other what we needed, knowing that we were in a partnership. My friendships blossomed and now instead of feeling like I had to always give and pretend to be ok, they became more of a reciprocal relationships. There was a sense of  belonging and safety in these relationships now that I had created that within myself. I could be authentic and take off the mask.

Finding my voice and speaking my truth was a critical part of this transformation from being seemingly confident woman who felt I had to sacrifice myself to be ” successful” to truly being comfortable in my own skin.


Let’s help you find the strength in your voice

Life could be easier, fun, laughter and joy filled. You could have those deep connections, ease and peace in your personal and professional life, safety and belonging within you so you are coming from a place of your own power. You can confidently and safely speak your truth and be authentic and also allow others to advocate for themselves even when your opinions and beliefs don’t match. You can be comfortable and authentic in your own skin and truly step into your Feminine Power.


Join this container of women looking to live their lives on their own terms, in their own power, loving and honoring themselves and others in the process.

Get personalized support

Get coaching and also learn from others as we all grow together in this container.

Create authentic friendships

Get to know women just like you and gain new insights into creating connections and speaking your truth.


Even when we’re not together, get resources to  integrate the tools you learn in your life

Review anytime

You’ll get recordings of each session to keep so you can review them anytime

Join us!

All you need to do is say Yes to Yourself

The next group starts in June 2021. Join us from anywhere in the world via zoom. We will meet 3 times/month – 3 weeks of the month. Each week will have a different emphasis: 

– Teachings for knowledge and understanding

 – Group coaching: Gather in community too see the specifics of our lives with more love and clarity

-Energy healing and EFT: to help shift limiting beliefs and patterns

You will also take home tools to implement in your daily lives. As we dive deep every month into each of the topics below, we will have the opportunity to open up, shift anything that stops you and integrate Feminine Advocacy with the support and community of our private group.


Month 1: Understanding Feelings and Needs

Month 2: Aligning with your Masculine and Feminine energy

Month 3: Self Awareness

Month 4: Self Acceptance and Compassion

Month 5: Self Expression 

Month 6: Self Love


– Free 1:1 coaching session and its recording (Only first 3 sign-ups) ($350 value)

– From Effort to Ease 4- week class recording (Get started now even before the group starts)($99 Value)

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Our private group is another place to get to know each other and to share your wins and questions for support.

Listen to me:

Your Voice Matters

This 6-month group coaching program will include a deep dive into each of these areas and help you work through real life situations. As you learn together in this container and support each other, you will see deep transformation and heal together.

Month 1

Understanding Feelings and Needs

Month 2

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Month 3

Self Awareness

Month 4

Self Acceptance and Compassion

Month 5

Self Expression

Month 6

Self Love

We’re in this together.

Your life is too short to spend it hiding and denying your own truth.

“My name is Yukti and I am mom of 2 and a certified coach. When I started on this journey 5 years ago, I was a “successful” career woman who had it all in the eye of the world. On the inside I was constantly guilt-ridden and overwhelmed, trying my best to be good mom, employee, wife and always falling short in my eyes.  As the life I knew was falling apart around me, I started creating a life of my dreams and one of my dreams was that of deep connection with my kids and partner. And along the way I learnt that knowing myself, finding my voice and speaking my truth was critical to creating authentic relationships, creating ease and flow in my life and home. To truly find myself, I had to learn to embrace my divine feminine energy and while accepting my masculine energy to create a space of more balance; giving and receiving. My deep desire is to share it all the women in the world and set them free from the constant pressure, this program came out of that vision and all I have learnt in my 5 years.


. This program is for women who want to have authentic relationships in their life and live without a mask on. You have already been on a journey to  grow and find yourself – emotionally and spiritually. You have read books, taken classes, attended programs and have come a long way. While you have learnt tools and practices along the way, you are having trouble integrating them in your life and relationships; really live with ease and grace for yourself and others. You find yourself oscillating between taking care of yourself and over-giving and not being able to find the balance.

I am here to  guide you through the process of integrating all that you are learning in your journey by creating a space for yourself, to hold your hand as you gather the courage and strength to live more authentically and from your heart space. You are the heart of your home and how you show up for yourself translates into how you show up for others. 

You have two options!

Notice: In exchange, I ask you for your commitment to the group and yourself and your feedback during and at the end of the session.

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Trusted by women who want to create deeply intimate connections and joy in their life

“You have helped me stand up for myself, be more authentic and understand that I bring value. Because of your coaching I have truly learned to not worry about things out of my control……TRULY LEARNED IT!!!

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Coaching Client

“You have helped me by pointing out the pieces in my life that could use attention, such as self care and learning to ask for what I want and receive!”


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