Nov 25, 2017Coaching for Moms

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Being a parent is the most important role in your life, and it can also be the most challenging!!

There is no manual and we are expected to just do it by instinct. And you are thinking what other way is there…..huh!!

And there are times you feel, it’s NOT really working, because even with the best intentions, you find yourself:

  • Yelling at the kids to get things done
  • Unable to create clear boundaries and hold them
  • Feeling at loss as to how to handle the big emotions the kids are feeling
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the daily life with our kids
  • Forget to have fun and be playful with our kids

As we face these challenges, we end up feeling frustrated and disconnected with each other and the kids.

You are not alone!!

I am here to help you parent in a way that resonates with you, leaves you feeling empowered and joyful.

I will help to support you with solutions that fit with today’s modern, complicated world so you have more peace in your family.  I can help you be a happier parent and achieve more harmony in your home and experience more joy as a family!

  • Create an environment of connection and cooperation in your home.
  • Help clarify roles and responsibilities with your partner
  • Help you recognize and resolve your anger, guilt and frustration
  • Get your’s and your child’s needs met
  • Help establish boundaries and family values with your partner and kids
  • Find the joy and playfulness in your parenting

This is simply the best way to be!!!

Want to find that fun, connection, and harmony in your family? I’m here to help you and guide you.

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